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Music collaboration

Last year we hosted the very talented, DJ Dolbytall, during one of our cool-off events — it was fire! Click here to listen!

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ARTIST collaboration

We’ve teamed up with artist Kaelyn McGowen for 2017 and 2018 original Camp Kuhloff artworks. We’ve proudly displayed her incredible 4’X6’ pieces on the playa. Check out her portfolio here!


We are always looking to host artists and musicians. If your interested in a collaboration, email

Environmental protection & the take-down of moop

Camp Kühloff is working on a crowd-sourced initiative that will help control the problem of Matter Out Of Place (MOOP). As you all know, MOOP should always be disposed of and never left on the ground of Black Rock Desert. However, a few of us could use a friendly reminder once in a while. That is why we intend to create 'Wanted Posters' for MOOP that can be placed on the doors of porta-potties. We want to get people thinking about MOOP... while they poop!

 This initiative is Camp Kühloff's response to Burning Man's need for an increased MOOP effort.We want to help educate/remind burners on what constitutes as MOOP, and how important it is that we keep the desert free of it. We find this incredibly important as a Native Nevadan camp that takes great pride in the beautiful land we hail from.

We hope to launch this initiative in 2019 given the approval of Burning Man. Look out for our 'Wanted Posters'! 

Countdown to 2019!

Camp Kühloff is getting revved up for Metamorphosis 2019. We will be maintaining our expanded 'chill' area and we will be offering hundreds of extra lavender towels! Our misting fairies, guest performers, delicious cocktails, comfy couch, and sassy quips are getting ready for 2019 — stay tuned.

We can’t wait to see you out there!

If you would like to get involved, or if you are thinking about joining Camp Kühloff please send us an email at 

art car for 2019!

We’ve purchased the skeleton of our art car, now its time to work some magic. Stay tuned for more info!

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my precious... 

'Neighborhood Lost and Found' is an emerging concept that utilizes a small and simple function: include Disc Golf Hole-like markers for lost-and-found items within neighborhoods. It's possible this system could create a swifter return of precious items. Let us know what you think!